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What Could Be The Cause Of Lower Back Pain?

Many people around the globe experience lower back pain at some points in their lives these days. Having lower back pain is something that can cause a lot of inconveniences to a person since it can disrupt one’s daily activities. If you are experiencing it, then you must be wondering about what could be the cause of lower back pain in most people.

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is rapid weight gain. This is because the lower part of your back is where most of your weight’s pressure would be applied. In other words, if you have experienced rapid weight gain and you have not developed your back muscles well, then your lower back would most likely be affected by it and it will show in the pain that you would feel.

The pain would actually be increased in degree if you have scoliosis, especially if it is focused on your lumbar section of the back. Scoliosis is the abnormal curve of your spine, and it can affect both the lower or upper back sections of your body. Thus if your spine is affected by scoliosis and the curve is in your lower back, then you will feel lower back pain, especially when you gain weight since your lower back would not have the right capacity to withstand the added pressure due to the curve. Scoliosis is something that is developed as a person grows, and many doctors say that it can be inherited. Thus if you have a kid and you have scoliosis, then you should have him checked by a specialist so that proper actions can be taken if signs are present that he may develop it as he grows.

Improper posture is another possible cause for your lower back pain. This pertains not only to sitting down or standing up, but it also includes your posture while you are sleeping. If the nature of your work would have you sitting on your chair for the whole day, then you should make sure that you are using an ergonomic chair which can help you achieve proper sitting position. Aside from that, you should also make it a point to do some stretching exercises all throughout the day so that you can let your back relax and prevent lower back pain. In addition, make sure that your bed is made out of good quality material so that it can provide you with proper back support.

It is important to identify what could be the cause of lower back pain that you are currently experiencing. Once you have determined it, then you can focus more on determining the best procedure to treat it.


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