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Back Pain Causes

If you are currently experiencing backache, you are probably thinking “Why do I have lower back pain?”, when you do not have scoliosis nor have you experienced any kind of injury on your back. There are actually a lot more possible reasons why people have back pain today, aside from the ones mentioned previously. It is best that you learn more about them so that you will be able to understand your lower back pain better, and be able to treat and prevent it more effectively.

Bad Posture - Bad posture is actually one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Many back pain sufferers that have acquired their back aches through poor posture are those that have jobs which require them to go through long periods of sitting down, standing up, lifting heavy materials, or bending. It should be noted that a person’s back consists of tendons, bones, ligaments, muscles, and discs, in which any problem arising in any of them could potentially cause back pain. Bad posture is usually combined with improper body mechanics. An example of this is lifting objects that are quite heavy without bending your knees. This would actually put a lot of pressure to your lower back hence causing it to ache.

Degenerative Discs - In your spine, there are discs that are found in between the vertebrae, which act as cushions. However as one would grow older these discs may become thinner and thinner, especially in the lower portion of the spine, which means that its capacity to absorb pressure is lessened. Thus as its shock absorbing capacity is lessened, it can eventually lead to you feeling the pain.

Osteoporosis - This is basically a condition whereby your bones can get weaker. Whenever you go about the normal daily activities it is natural that you will put some pressure on your bones. However when your bones get weaker it may result in you feeling the uncomfortable pain in the lower back.

Weight Gain - Gaining too much weight can cause a lot of negative health impact on a person, and this includes an aching lower back. This is because the weight of your body is mostly supported by your lower back. In other words, the more weight you gain, the more pressure your back will have to endure. Thus, it is always best to eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise on a regular basis. This way, you will be able to gain control over your weight, and you are ensuring that your muscles are well capable of providing support to your back.

Various Effective Relief Methods

If there is one thing that many back pain sufferers really want, it is to alleviate the pain that they are suffering. This is because while back pain can start off as a mildly discomforting sensation, in severe cases it may manifest into such a painful condition that makes your daily activities difficult. This is why it is really a good idea for everyone to actually know how to alleviate back pain in order to avoid getting complications. Here are some ways that back pain can be alleviated.

Rest – One should never disregard how effective rest can be. Resting enables your back muscles to actually recuperate and recover. This is why if you feel any back pain at all, no matter how mild it is, it is really advisable that you actually take the time to rest and allow your back muscles to recover. Resting allows your back muscles to repair itself. Pain in your back due to your back muscles is a serious sign that your back muscles are overworked. If you continue doing any physical activity even if your back muscles are already in pain, the pain can be aggravated to the point that you cannot even stand up. You should really rest if you feel any back discomfort. A rest period of half an hour or longer can really help.

Massage – There are many cases of back pain that can be alleviated by massage. Massaging helps stimulate blood flow to the muscles to improve circulation. If you feel that your back is so tired, you can go and have a massage from your favorite masseuse. Many athletes often get massages after a grueling workout or training session because it can help them recover from muscle fatigue fast.

Over The Counter Drugs – You can buy many kinds of muscle pain relievers over the counter. These drugs are often anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. If you take this at the right dosage, you can be quite sure that your pain will be addressed. You have to be conscious about the dosage because it might lead to complications if you overdose on the drug. Consult with your pharmacist as to the right dosage or just read up on the literature that comes with the drug.

Consult A Doctor – If you continue to experience back pain after trying out these tips, then maybe it is time for you to consult with a doctor. This way you would be able to pin point the reason behind your back pain.


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