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Can Gas Cause Back Pain?

Gas is a medical condition that plagues many people. Back pain is another common medical condition that affects a large number of our population. By the law of averages, there can be a chance that a person can have both gas and back pain problems. But can gas cause back pain? Well, there really is no easy answer to that question. Our bodies are very intricate systems that are unique in each and every one of us. Even scientists still are not able to fully understand the workings of the human body. This is why you cannot just jump into conclusions as to what causes your back pain. There are many causes to back pain and by understanding these causes, you can better determine if your gas is actually causing your back pain.

The most popular and prevalent cause for back pain is over fatigue of your back muscles. If you do a lot of heavy lifting as well as other physical activities that strain your back, your back muscles can get inflamed and worn. This can manifest into pain in your back, ranging from a little discomfort to excruciating pain. In order to address this condition, the best treatment is bed rest. Resting allows your back muscles time to repair and recuperate. Depending on the back pain, your rest can range from a few minutes to a few days. In order to avoid getting back pain due to overworked muscles, you have two options. You can either cut down on the work that you are doing, or strengthen your back muscles through exercises which can help in avoiding back pain due to weak back muscles.

Another main cause for back pain is poor posture. Poor posture not only strains your back muscles it also wears down your spine. Your backbone should be straight at all times in order to ensure that you have good posture. Good posture places the weight on the parts of your back that are actually built to take the weight. This helps ensure that any instance of back pain due to poor posture is going to be avoided.

Back pain can also manifest as one of the symptoms for a poorly performing organ. Liver and bladder problems often manifest in back pain. Oftentimes, this kind of pain is localized in one area of the back. If you feel a pain in a small part of your back that will not go away, there can be a possibility that it is serious and you should consult the doctor to make sure.

Some resources state that gas can cause back pain if the intestines are holding a lot of gas. The gas can build up inside putting pressure on your intestines which in turn manifests in your back. Can gas cause back pain? Well it could be possible but it might not be the case for everyone.


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