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Can Endometriosis Cause Back Pain?

Can endometriosis cause back pain? If you are currently asking this question to yourself, then it is best to dig deeper into the possible relation between back pain and endometriosis so that you will be able to come up with an answer to it.

The first thing that you need to know is what endometriosis is all about. This condition is experienced by women and is related to their monthly menstruation. When a woman goes through her monthly menstrual cycle, the endometrial gland in her uterus actually thickens the uterus lining to prepare it for possible pregnancy. In the ideal condition, the endometrial tissues should only be present in the womb of the woman since it is nourished directly by the female hormone estrogen. However, there are certain cases in which endometrial tissues happen to grow in other parts of the woman’s body.

When this happens, the person can actually experience pain in her lower back even days before her monthly cycle. The pain can go from her lower back up to her buttock cheeks; and in some cases extends to the upper portion of her thigh muscles. The very reason that a person can feel back pain from endometriosis is that it can affect her sciatic nerve.

The pain associated with endometriosis can be crippling, in that it can cause a lot of inconveniences to a person since it can hamper her quality of life. This is because the pain can start from days before your menstruation and extend to the first half of your period.

The good news is that, there are a number of treatment options that you can go through in order to put a stop to endometriosis that cause pain in your back. One of which is the use of birth control pills. These pills can control the level of estrogen that your body produces. With its suppression, the endometrial tissues would not get developed or thickened during your menstrual period, which means that they would also have lesser chances of shedding, which causes the pain in the back.

Taking pain relievers can also alleviate the pain; however, the comfort that it can offer to you is just going to be short-term. Therefore, it might be better to go with something that can provide a more lasting effect such as the birth control pills.

If you do come up with a decision to use birth control pills to stop endometriosis back pain, make sure to see your doctor first. It is important that you tell your doctor the reason why you want to go through such treatment method. By doing that, you can ensure that your doctor would be able prescribe the right type of birth control pills, and also recommend the right dosage to stop your endometriosis back pain. As with any medication there might be side effects involved, so always check with your doctor on this.


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